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-written on 19.05.2024-
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I get it, I bet you’re wondering why I’ve made another website. What is it? The third one this week? That might be true, but you can’t say this one doesn’t look really cool.

I think the most impressive part of this site is how integrated the API usage is. For this site, I’ve built my own custom API to return data that I need to display dynamic and constantly updating content. Like when it shows you what song I’m listening to and embeds the album under that, that’s done by getting my currently playing song from Last.fm and then backwards searching for the first album that has a similar title to the song I’m listening to on Last.fm, and it has to be made by the same artist. The artist ID is also gotten by searching for it on Spotify. It’s really complicated and unnecessary, but it just makes the experience so much better, you know?

I also tried to remove a lot of my dependence on JS. With this site, the JS is stored and used pretty sparingly compared to my other sites, and I’ve only used it where I absolutely have to. So if you check out my CSS, there are a lot of better solutions to issues my other websites have had!

The blog posts themselves are also having a revamp with them having two styles, but I’m still using Giscus as a comment system as I found it to be really good and useful, so I recommend checking it out.

The “fun” page is one of my favorites too. It took a while to get it set up in a more efficient way, so it doesn’t lag the whole site out when loading. I make use of OneDrive embeds; this gives me more control over it and saves on load times. Although OneDrive tries to put a lot of cookies into it, it just doesn’t work, so that’s another positive.

And finally, the Roxie page has a lot less detail than it used to. I think it does its job of just showing who I am though.

Thanks for listening!

Update 1

After updating a few things on my website and making sure everything works in the next release, I’m really starting to realise I’m not good with a website as complicated as this one. This site is incredibly data-driven, and it’s a lot to keep track of, with there being all the layouts (5 I think, 4 actual ones and 1 blank one which has the head tags in it) and the components (there are a lot of those) along with the constant management of all of the code. Not used to this, but I am so glad I’ve kept it well-organised or who knows what could happen lmao.