- 23.05.2024 - Site Version System -
- An explanation of the version system my site will be using -
-written on 23.05.2024-
- tech, website -


During the creation and organization of this site, I have come to the realization that I will need to start using the version system that Astro provides in a much better way. Previously, I was disregarding it, but now it might become easier for me to keep track of data if I can keep track of the versions. So, my solution to this:

Use a simple 3-number version system, 
similar to games like Terraria.

The first digit will denote the site edition,
so if I make a new site,
it will become 2.0.00.

The second digit will represent a major design change,
but not one that necessitates a new site, 
such as a new page being added or a page being removed.

The final digit will be the commit number of that version.

This project’s README.md will also contain the changes of the last 3 commits/versions. The changes will also be displayed in the commit message itself, following the markdown formatting of the README though.

thanks for reading :]