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- My 5 years spent in a British high school -
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This one is going to be pretty different compared to everything else. My high school experience wasn’t the best in any light, but it also could have been worse. Really, the first 3 years are a little blurry, but the last 2 are really clear, so I’ll be able to tell you about much more there.

The Good

My time in high school was really average (excluding the bad parts). For the first 3 years, I did what everyone did, and I was good at everything. There wasn’t a subject I was doing badly in. So, I never had to revise or anything (so I never learned how). I was really bad at doing my homework on time (something which I’ve since gotten much better at). In my last two years, I took the following subjects:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Computer Science
  • English
  • Maths
  • Science Trilogy

During year 10, I really struggled with music, but after a lot of effort, I’ve finally got to a place where I’m able to get a grade 6 on mock papers for it. And chemistry is one I just can’t wrap my head around, but I’m able to get a 5 in it, so…

I’ve also had a growing interest in music since year 9. It’s something that will always be there, and it shows what a person is in what they listen to. You can check out my Music blog post for my takes on it.

The Bad

I was pretty badly bullied throughout high school, something which I’m sure a lot of people understand how it feels. I’m not going to mention much about it here; you can look at the really bad, which gives a more in-depth look at my high school experience.

tw-assault the really bad

Year 7 (2019-2020)

I started year 7 with 2 'friends' from my primary. I remember I fell out with them over some silly reason, but I can't actually remember it, so my first few terms of year 7 I spent alone. Thankfully, I did make friends later in the year, and they're still my friends now. I think I'm pretty lucky to have them, really, and I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have spent my time with. Then, of course, lockdown struck.

Year 8 (2020-2021)

Year 8 was spent mostly in lockdown if I remember correctly, with it ending just at the very end of the school year. I got really into the Dream SMP during this time, I think (for anyone wondering, I watched Tubbo, Technoblade, and Ranboo). I also really enjoyed Jaiden Animations, Lovejoy, Wilbur Soot, and Chippy Gaming.

Year 9 (2021-2022)

During year 9, I started to look at myself and try and figure out who I was a bit more than any other year. I started to lean into being a bit more 'girly' with how I dress and act (this is probably what caused most of my issues later), and at the end of the year, I had a large falling out with my friends which led me to try and be more 'liked' and popular. I cut my hair really short (and omg, I was so stupid, bad idea, bad idea). During the summer break of this year is when I met some people that I would regard as amazing and were a really positive influence on me.

Year 10 (2022-2023)

This is the year when I think everything went wrong for me. It turns out during one of the breaks early in the year, I was being stalked while on a trip out with one of my old friends after we made up again (I think at this point there was maybe something more?), and we were recorded holding hands, and it was posted everywhere. From that point on, I've been followed consistently every time I went outside because boys find it funny to stalk girls, I guess? Actual weirdos. It was just stalking and recording for a while, which was not **too** bad until it became constant slurs and eventually assault. This put me in a really bad state mentally, and I was also trying to keep the attention from my friend, so if I ever saw her getting harassed, I'd put the attention back to me because I saw it as my fault it was happening for some reason. Me being in that really bad state led to another argument with my friend which took much longer to get over, so I was once again alone and in a really bad state mentally. Not to mention the video of me being assaulted that still gets shown to me over and over again now, and I have to try and pretend that it didn't bother me, so I think I set it as my lockscreen for a while, but it still hurts.

Year 11 (2023-2024)

My current and final year, I've been working on myself for a lot of it. The assault calmed down halfway through, and it's been a really long time since I've been hurt or anything. It ended when there was this really big thing about them *sexually* assaulting me, and I think they've been too scared to do anything else. Another thing which I haven't had a chance to talk about to anyone. Most people this year have just been ignoring me and calling me annoying to my face, which is better than before but it's still not fun. I'm at the end of it now though, so that's amazing. Thanks for reading. There's much more which I could have said, but I don't feel like I should as it's really personal.