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Hey, I’m just going to go through what I listened to and when and what I think of it. This is basically going to be my journey through music and what it’s helped me through ^^

My introduction to music,

As a child, I didn’t really listen to music, I didn’t know much about the internet or anything but I remember having an obsession with playing hits radio key 103 on the radio (I tried listening to it recently and I do not recommend) and my older brother and cousin both really loved Minecraft parodies so I got really into them, such as:

  • Redstone Active
  • Fallen Kingdom
  • Revenge
  • Herobrine’s Life
  • Don’t Mine at Night

Until eventually, I figured out ‘damn it’s not popular to like Minecraft songs’ so I started lying and saying I loved the original versions (but the Minecraft parodies are just >>>)

When I really got into it

The first time I ever used my Spotify account was for a single song in July 2021, The Day by PornoGraffitti. In August of the same year, I used it for 9 songs and in September of the same year, I used it for 858 songs, only rising from there. I started listening to a lot of DSMP songs (which Spotify was kind enough to call me out for in the Spotify Wrapped) until I discovered Boy with Uke (in truth I started listening to him just before the release of Melatonin Dreams) on TikTok but I only really got into it a few weeks later and since then he’s always been my #1 artist and still is now by a long shot, sitting at 38,035 minutes streamed as of writing this and he was mostly what I listened to for the next two years, with a few notable exceptions:

What genres I listen to now

Now, I’m really into weirdcore and gothic rock. I’ve moved away from Spotify mostly and I use local files to listen to music, it just gives more control to me over what my music sounds like but it’s not like I don’t use Spotify, I use it I just don’t use it as often as I used to. Before I’d get around 15k mins every month and now it’s maybe about 5k which is pretty sad for me to look at and I have to keep reminding myself that it’s because of how I listen to music now. But sometimes I do go back and listen to songs I haven’t heard in a while like Will Stetson

Some artists I like and why

table of cool people

  • I’ll make it a list cause why not,

    • Boy with Uke

      • link
      • I’ve found that even though I cannot relate to a lot of Boy with Uke’s songs at all, I just really enjoy him as a person and how his music sounds in general. I’m not too sure why I like him this much, like he’s amazing and has never failed in making an amazing song. His songwriting seems to be on just another level to me, as a songwriter myself he makes these really simple melodies and riffs but the quality and techniques he uses are just brilliant they make them feel on another level than most songs and I think he deserves much more popularity than he already has just for his talent. Not to mention the skill it takes to strum and sing as carelessly as he does. I don’t think there’s much else to be said but if you haven’t heard him before I highly recommend him.
      • His concert that I went to, was so lively and the t-shirt I got I wear so much. It’s such a nice design with his silly little stick men on it. The Lucid Dreams tour and the album itself will forever be an event I remember, one of his best works I think.
    • Rare Americans

      • link
      • I didn’t get too heavily involved with the RA community until I found out they were touring really close to where I live and I could go see a concert of theirs and when I did I haven’t ever stopped listening, the songs they make and the speed they make them are amazing. Unlike Boy with Uke I find myself heavily relating to their music.
      • Their concert just felt really home-like if that makes any sense, everyone was so kind and I got all the members to sign my DS on one of the little drawing things (I still have the files backed up like 9 times)
    • Cavetown

      • link
      • I’ve always liked Cavetown I don’t particularly remember finding him or anything it feels like he’s just always been there if that makes any sense at all. I specifically love the original Devil Town because it’s what I listened to throughout every tough time in my life and it reminds me of how far I’ve come.
    • Lemon Demon-Neil

      • link
      • Neil is an inspiration to me, he’s someone I’d love to be like. His music is so strange but so fun, he just has fun with it rather than following any specific set of rules like everyone else does. His music has a new world with each song even the ones without lyrics still have so much feeling in them.
    • Lena Raine

      • link
      • Her music was one of the ways I started to listen to music without lyrics, before I found it boring for some reason I cannot understand now. I don’t think I can think of a single ‘just good’ thing she’s made, everything is amazing. Of course, I found her through playing Celeste but I’ve listened to all of her music since finding her and she’s someone I’ll listen to whenever I get stressed or things feel like they’re out of control in some way.
    • Naethan Apollo

      • link
      • Naethan is someone who is fairly new to my library and I really like his ‘older’ love songs, the way I found him was through his album Tales from Cazilor when I was playing the DND season of Overwatch 2 (please don’t ask) but I’ve grown to like him more and more, I doubt he’ll ever be in my top 5 artists but he’s someone who deserves to be recognized.
      • When I went to the Boy with Uke concert I knew he opened for his last tour but I didn’t know he was opening for this one, it was an amazing surprise and I even got a photo with him (I also bought his t-shirt…)
    • Toby Fox

      (made with this Undertale text box generator)

    • Good Kid

      • link
      • Their music helps me not lose myself if that makes sense and kinda makes me excited for the future, it’s really hard not to be when they make everything sound so great really, just what’ll happen if that makes sense.
    • Steven Universe

      • link
      • Gay rocks, what else is there to say?


There are many artists I can keep talking about but I can’t due to my file size limit and not wanting to overwrite, but there’s so much I could say. If you’ve read this far please check out these artists, all of them are absolutely amazing (except you know who. He’s only here to talk about my experience I could never support someone like that.)

If you would like to know more about what music I’ve listened to you can check out my other blog post on this music.

(Although it is impossible to list everyone and talk about how amazing they are I’ve done my best to talk about the major artists in my life I didn’t mention any of the goth bands I listen to and it’s because I only started listening to them recently so they haven’t had a major effect on my music taste and life, but if I ever make a music++++ post you can be sure you’ll be seeing them on there!)